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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Is The Buddhist TV worth as expected?

Is The Buddhist TV worth as expected?- Priyantha De Silva

The only Buddhist satellite TV in the Asia “The Buddhist TV” now on air via Dialog Satellite TV. When we get the religious channels in the world with comparing “God” is the most popular one as religious channel. It’s a very organized channel with many aspects. Comparing with others “The Buddhist TV” is as a baby of one month. But it must be developed faster but not so. Sad to say, nothing happening as we expected like before “The Buddhist TV” beginning. Satellite TV station is a very powerful one so it can be able to convert some people’s thinking and feelings. To bad or to good. From “The Buddhist TV” it must come to the point “The Best” not to “good”.
There are many people who speak Hindi, Tamil, mostly English( Can understand if they can’s speak) Bus most programs air on BTV are from Sinhala. But most Sinhala speaking people know about Buddhism and listen preach in Sinhala via Radio. But less of other language people know the stem of Buddhism or nothing. Then it must broadcast even one program from other languages everyday to popularize in the region. If not the most suitable resolution is to give subtitles for every program in Hindi or English, better if it comes from both. So add “The Buddhist TV” to the Tata and the Dish TV lineups with others.

To develop “The Buddhist TV” much better,

* Introduce many Live coverage events around the world regarding the Buddhism. (It’s very easy via internet)
* Introduce “Buddhist News” telecast every day.
* A live sermon everyday or recorded one with subtitles much better.
* Create Buddhist songs , specially from the language of Hindi and English.
* Add “The Buddhist TV” station for the lineup of other satellite providers.
* Don’t show “Bhakthi Gee” programs , they aren’t popular even in Sri Lanka or anywhere else. It only decrease the popularity of the station.
* Make subtitles for “ Gangodavila Soma” thera’s sermons from Hindi and English. Get all the past programs from other stations , every ones from TNL with Chamuditha Samarawikrama.
* Make Subtitles for “Podina Sakachchawa” of swarnavahini.
* Introduce live program that people can ask (live) questions and receive answers.
* Don’t show the programs that show miserable life with sad feelings, if so others think Buddhism is a religion for the dead people, not for the ones live.
* Introduce a WEB SITE for “The Buddhist TV” with schedule page least for one week time range.
* Give a hour time in every week for “Pitaduwe Siridhamma Himi” to what ever he weants to do.
* Get and show a cartoon program every day for children with matter of Buddhism.
* Show the series of the “Kun fu” again ( That broadcasted on Rupavahini).

******* Many things to do to the development of The Buddhist in the future more than that.Let the time to come ..............

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