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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Buddhist Opinions For Your Knowledge !

Buddhist Opinions For Your Knowledge !

# Hope is the light of peace, confidence and loving-kindness so keep it in our mind.
# Let everything be according to its nature. You may hold, but don’t grasp.
# Don't leave the gap left for unwholesome things to enter
# No complaining, no blaming, Just doing it.
# Experience it for what it truly is without forming any opinion.
# Fully understanding the mind leads to the highest state of wisdom.
# When we associate with the good and wise man, it leads next to learning and listening to his advice.
# The heart of the Buddha’s teaching describes how to avoid bad actions.
# There is nothing as uplifting as loving-kindness and compassion.
# Think good, speak good, then you will find only good thing in life.
# If we are content with what we have, it is true that happiness will be in our hearts.
# All human beings have the ability to learn, more or less, so we must learn to improve our life.
# The experience of problem enables us to be stronger.
# A weapon to get rid of hatred or ill will is metta, loving kindness, because it will not cause any trouble afterwards.
# Spiritual life is another thing which develops insight within life. This development gives life delight, cheer, joy, happiness and merriness.
# Don' t be merciless to yourself and others as we have unconditional love towards all beings.
# Everything that happens has a specific cause and causes and there must be some relationships between the cause and the effect.
# Purification of the mind is the most important thing in Buddhism.
# Some people simply go through life under the influence of their past habits, without making an effort to change them and falling victim to their unpleasant results.
# The Buddha taught us out of compassion and we, Buddhist, teach others out of compassion.
# The world today needs a kind-hearted population so that the world will be in peace.
# Train yourself and you will know you have great potential ability.
# If we are mindful or conscious about life, we don’t repent later.
# It is advisable to take some time to analysis the information. Investigate it thoroughly and wisely before coming to any conclusions.
# The first thing we should bear in mind is ‘we can do it’.
# We should pay more attention to our own kamma, especially good kamma, which can lead us to having a happy life.
# The standpoint of the non-self teaching is not to attach to any idea and to see things as they really are, without forming any opinion based on imagination or visualisation.
# I am rich, it is not because I have a lot of money, but it is because I am satisfied with what I have.
# For a patient person, even the long difficult hour lasts only 60 minutes.
# Human beings are capable of knowing cause and effect. This capability makes us successful in life as we can use it in our work or future planning.
# "Indeed the sign of happiness is in your heart, you have to nurture and develop it."
# Wisdom cannot be bought, not even for money. We must have direct experience through our own study and practice.

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