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Friday, May 8, 2009

Wesak 2009 Special : Vesak thoughts

Vesak thoughts

May is the month of Vesak
The season of fruits and flowers in full bloom
In the villages and cities of Mother Lanka
Wispering the nobel teachings of Buddha,
Of universal love, compassion and peace
For all to hear and pay heed to
In the life's struggle in samsara

Listen to the Enlightened One,
His enlightened words:
'Thanha Jayathi Soko, Thanha Jayathi Bhayan'.
Excessive greed brings sorrow, excessive greed brings fear
Thus declared Thathagatha,
We should know that when greed exceeds fear
It spells disaster giving us suffering.

Be it power, wealth or glory,
When in excess it spells disaster and suffering
For those engaged in excesses,
In this impermanent world
Where everything changes, decays and dies finally
No escape from this universal law
So declared the Blessed One, Thathagatha Buddha.
And advised us to live in moderation,
Be kind and caring to others
Life can then be happy, contended and wholesome
In the state of affairs of men
Though not completely satisfying
Until we attain Nibbana.

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