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Friday, May 8, 2009

Wesak 2009 Special : One who sees the Dhamma sees me

"One who sees the Dhamma sees me" -

Buddhists in Sri Lanka celebrate Vesak the thrice blessed day of the Lord Buddha today May 8, 2009. The teachings of the Master are relevant to this day even after 2553 years.

I believe it is most appropriate on this Vesak Full Moon Day to address of our minds and seek an answer as to whether we are truly and sincerely treading the path shown by the Master. Though we are comparatively a small island nation it is with a deep sense of sorrow, I note in this brief essay that we have surpassed all records in murder, suicide, child cruelty, sex abuse and a host of other evil deeds.

To be followers of the most Compassionated Master we have to learn the Dhamma in its true sense. This is substantiated by the Master when he preached “One who sees the Dhamma sees me”.

This is exactly what we should strive to achieve. I do not for a moment advocate that we should refrain and abstain from religious rituals which I believe would certainly mould one’s character. But the sacred truth is that we could seek total and absolute emancipation from the Sansarik bondages only through Dhamma. Let us therefore apply the principles of the Buddhist doctrine to our daily life and we will be amazed to see the spiritual power within us. Practise what is in “Mangala Suthra”, “Parabhava Suthra”, “Singalowada Suthra”, “Wasala Suthra” and you would reap the benefits here and now.

The most significant feature in the life of the Lord Buddha is that he practised what he preached and preached what we practised. In this regard I would like to quote the words of Lord Buddha when he preached “One who treats the sick treats me.” The striking example is that the most Compassionate Master personally treated the sick monk Putigatta Tissa Thera,who had been neglected by his fellow Bhikkhus. The basic rule we are required to follow is to listen to the Dhamma attentively, grasp the meaning in its true sense, and act according to the spirit of the Dhamma. This reminds me of a Sanskrit Sloka meaning ‘the frog in the lake does not sense the fragrance of the lotus in it.’ Are we not also like the frogs in the lake who cannot sense the fragrance in the Dhamma preached by the Lord Buddha?

In conclusion I would appeal to all Buddhists; “Let us diligently and assiduously strive to see the Lord Buddha through the Dhamma and put an end to the suffering in our journey in this Sansara.

A. Godwin de Alwis


Dehiwala Pragna Study Circle

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