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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monks in Cricket, to face legal action

Monks in Cricket, to face legal action -

Today is a Full Moon Poya Day ! Then don't ever think this is a conspiracy against Buddhism like that. Also I'm keeping a dedicated Buddhist Site as a blog, any one can't blame me.

Devdaththara, who had made many trouble for Buddha, is a monk. A monk killed a prime minister of Sri Lanka, SWRD Bandaranayeka , shooting with a gun. Monks who entered parliament in Sri Lanka, have made many trouble and have made insult to the buddhism.Finally, a monk (Real) is in a Sex Video with Pre-School teachers , has published by his own activity.Those are the real insult to the Buddhism, not this post. Most of them, doing wrong activity, but behave like babies . When the fault get famous, those monks say , there isn't any truth with the stories, only to insult Buddhism.But those are the ones who want to destroy Buddhism.


Some monks in the Mudalinda Pirivena at Matara, make many troubles to the neighbors. One of them jump in to houses to see girls or women. Senananda Thero, an uneducated monk, make many troubles to the educated persons in the vicinity. Sports are very important for healthy life. It doesn't matter.But, They begin at 7.00 am , will go on till 7pm to end the Cricket Matches they are playing.Those monks invite some gangs to join with to play cricket. There is a private class next to the temple , those monks shouting and make many troubles to the girls visiting to the classes.The chief Monk is not able to get them under control.Then last week, some of the villagers made an entry in the Police against to those monks.

When in the class time , they play cricket, put the ball in to the class property to see the girls and disturb the class . Without robs they come to the class property to pick the ball. What will happen to Buddhism in the future if the trend is so ?

The picture in below, shows a Monk, name Wimala bowling to the batsman who is also a monk. Wimala, is a very arrogant one , behave like he has connections to the underworld. Wimala is a student of Colombo University, these days.But behave like a Pre-School child.

Now this Wimala, ( the bowling monk without rob in the pictures) must face the legal action in the Police. Sports are good. Nothing wrong. But their own happiness mustn't break others happiness.

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