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Friday, October 19, 2007

Diamonds never die ....

Twentieth Anniversary
Diamonds never die ....

Diamond Cutters Limited is a member of Lanka Equities group, which has its diversified business activities in apparel, diamond cutting and polishing, jewellery manufacturing, and power generation.
Over 600 employees respond to the changes in the diamond market, extending their services to the manufacture of Baguettes, Rounds, Sawing, Princess and Precision cut diamonds.

DCL has won the trust of many international markets and among them are the leading watch companies and up market jewellery manufacturers who have become valued clients. Belgium, USA, Japan, Switzerland and Israel are some of the more prominent locations of their clientele.

Riyaz Mohamed, Managing Director of DCL said, “The past 20 years has given us much exposure and expertise to face the challenges in the diamond market. The unprecedented growth and productivity achieved from it’s commencement of operations has helped us to achieve the National Chamber of Exporters [NCE] gold awards for the most outstanding exporter in the Gem and Jewellery sector (extra large category) in the year 2000, gold awards for extra large category & most outstanding exporter (Gem & Jewellery Sector) 2003 and the silver awards in the Gems & Jewellery Sector (Extra Large Category) for the three consecutive years of 2000, 2001 & 2002.In addition, we became the second largest polished diamond exporter in Sri Lanka for three successful financial years. Furthermore, we have won the second runner up (Bronze) award of the Taiki Akimoto 05S competition in the year 2006”.

“We are maintaining the unbeaten record of being the largest exporter of Tapers & Baguettes to the international markets. Also, we have mastered the “Precision Cut” Diamonds and are having an unmatched market for this product in the world. The precision cut is only done by few manufacturers in the world and DCL is the only one in South Asia who handles the product. Alankara is one of the sister companies which is dedicated to the creation of precious diamond Jewellery for the most discerning people” said, Sanjay Baid, Director of DCL.

From their current strength of 600 in employment, they are in the process of growing to a 1000 employees by the end of the calendar year. Vast recruitment is ongoing to explore more avenues. Recruitment is done in a very specific manner where even the untrained polisher who is recruited is made to a master in manufacturing Diamonds. From a novice in polishing, to a General Manager position in the production or a trainee Executive position to am Senior Manager position in the service sector, recruitment is done to a specific standard maintaining laid out Corporate qualification levels of each position.

Sureja Thabrrew, Manager, Information Communication Technology of DCL said “Employment at DCL is not just working for another company. We give employees a career. Diamonds are considered the most valuable materialistic article in the world. To the management, DCL employees are Diamonds. Many activities are done for the welfare of our employees for each financial year. Sports, recreational activities, activities to enhance the personal wellbeing of employees are many in the event calendar. An employee trained in manufacturing Diamonds will always have a greater demand in the job market. This is the cutting edge advantage that we have as a Company and even for individuals over our competitive industries”.

“As a responsible corporate citizen of Sri Lanka, DCL has been a continued contributor to the national economy bringing foreign currency in to the country with a 22% growth since the last financial year. DCL is further expanding its business and is on the verge of becoming the largest diversified Diamond Manufacturer of South East Asia” said, Rajendra Samaranayake, Finance Manager of DCL.

Diamond Cutters have been certified by the Sri Lanka Labour authorities - Occupational Health and Safety Division as an employer who maintains the standards required by the Sri Lankan Laws. DCL maintains a very close relationship with all external bodies including the government agencies and are always in line with the laid down laws of the land.

Last but not least, DCL serves the society as a dedicated Corporate Citizen in many ways. The mere recruitment procedure is done as a CSR activity it self where a concept of “one family - one job” theme is adopted by the Company.

A fresh flower budding in the world is adopted by DCL, to see the world in a way of life, create a master of cutting and polishing Diamonds to give the motherland a valuable person who is neither a burden or a dependant. But an individual who is independent and a breadwinner to the rural family improving the living standards of the society.

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