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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Renouncing gives rise to real victory

Renouncing gives rise to real victory

There are two things in the world called victory and defeat. Everybody prefers victory. Victory is twofold. One form of victory brings happiness. The other so called victory brings sorrow. We must admire the victory that brings happiness. There are people who are attached to something and think and say that they are victorious. It also is a victory. That does not bring real happiness but only a little with a huge suffering in it. So, we must not admire such a victory.
There is a victory in the world that we must be desirous of. It is the victory gained through renouncing. It is not an easy task to gain victory through giving up. It is like swimming upward in a stream flowing down. It is also like turning something upside down. Be desirous to do so. One who does so with difficulty will enjoy comfort ultimately.
One may be anxious to own what is there to be seen. He would own it and think he is victorious. Likewise, he may like to own all the objects that are felt to his nose, tongue, body and mind. Along that so called victory suffering follows. So, never admire such victory which is filled with suffering. Think of a victory that follows the elimination of desire.
Don’t we think of being victorious by clinging on to the lust that strikes our minds? Isn’t this a world where we continue to enjoy whenever a lust strikes our minds. The Buddha instructs us to do away with lust. So is the hatred. Doesn’t the mind like to keep the hatred and continue to enjoy when hatred strikes the mind? Does the mind like to give it up? We must liberate ourselves from that world. That is why the Buddha indicates that the hatred is to be done away with. One who does not do away with the hatred, expects happiness from it. There is an unbearable suffering or a fire behind that happiness. So don’t be desirous of hatred. Do away with it.
The Buddha shows us that the delusion is also to be eliminated. Delusion also is a thing that contains a little amount of happiness. People like to continue Delusion in their minds and enjoy it. But along with that happiness immense suffering arises. That’s why we have been advised to eliminate delusion.
Be desirous to gain the victory followed by eliminating Raga, Dosa and Moha. As disciples we must always be willing to do what the Buddha has preached. The victory gained through renouncing above mentioned things even reluctantly are helpful for a person who wishes to develop the knowledge of Dhamma.
Not a least benefit can be gained from meditation without eliminating the things that should be eliminated even reluctantly. One who is capable of renouncing is immensely benefited and can achieve real victory by meditation. Even the person who doesn’t do so may meditate, may keep on sitting, may instruct others but he may not reach the real victory.
So, comprehend what are the things that should be renounced reluctantly and renounce them. Try to be the partners of the victory gained by renouncing.
Then we will be able to learn Dhamma and meditate that will bring great happiness to our lives. Without the knowledge of above facts, we won’t be able to develop meditation. May all be fortunate enough to acquire the victory gained by renouncing.
Translated by M.A Samarasinghe

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