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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buddhist approach to political conflicts and peace development

Buddhist approach to political conflicts and peace development

In a world that is torn by political strife, tension and conflicts the only ray of hope for its solutions clearly rests on the noble doctrine of the Buddha. What are the key elements in Buddhism that could pave the way for elimination of conflicts and result in peace development?

1. Maithree and Karunawa which means Boundless compassion and loving kindness. These two principles strongly bring out the mutual feelings that one should cultivate towards fellow beings so that there will be no hatred and envy towards others, leading to peaceful negotiation and solutions.

2. Right thinking, right understanding and right thoughts will further cement the above process to peace and goodwill among fellow beings.

3. Right livelihood, right effort and right action will prevent most of the disasters that humanity has to face now.

4. In short the noble eight fold path if understood correctly and practised with a clear vision will help to solve most of the problems and conflicts that are ending up in warfare and bloodshed in this world today.

In our Buddhist circle we genuinely believe in toleration and compromise, that human beings have the same feelings that we should not do to others, what we will not like others to do to us. The unshakeable law of Karma if understood properly will deter people from committing evil deeds and actions. They will then want to be good and do good.

The law of Karma will make people understand that what we sow, we will certainly have to reap.

If the principles and precepts of Buddhism are practised-such as the Pancha Sila and people realize the four noble truths, most of these crimes and terror activities will diminish.

There will be peace on earth and this world will be a better place to live in. Our present Politicians in particular should be made to realize and understand this and act accordingly and refrain from greed and evil and do what is good, which is the teaching of all Buddhas.

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