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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mulhewa Royal Temple sheltered the Relics for 20 years:

Mulhewa Royal Temple sheltered the Relics for 20 years:

Protection of Sacred Relics

Mulhewa Royal Temple of Kothmale, should be deeply commemorated by the Buddhists of Sri Lanka. It was the temple where the sacred Tooth Relic had been safely and secretly protected.

Temple of Sacred Tooth Relics

Thus Mulhewa Raja Maha Viharaya was reputed to be called as the temple of the Tooth Relic. This temple is in the Central Province and belongs to the Nawalapitiya Electorate. It is in the short proximity to the village of Sangilipalama.

Elderly Buddhist families of the area trace the history and the importance of the temple. They are highly educated and support their description referring to Dalada Siritha and Datuwanshaya.

Whenever we speak of Tooth Relic or any historical disasters which had erupted the unity of the country-our freedom-soverignity it was the Mahasangha of our country who had taken a great lead, the struggles of 1815-1818 and 1848 historical episodes were the periods of crisis where Maha Sangha led their missions, led the people and opened the eyes of the people.

During the latter part of the Polonnaruwa period a South Indian aggression under Kalinga Maga took place. He massacred and destroyed Buddhist temples and irrigational infrastructures.

Though Dr Paranavithana dressed this as a descendent of the dynasty of Emperor Sri Vijaya it was the deadlist period for the culture, religion an economy of the country. Since the sacred Tooth was brought to Ceylon, the people had their faith upon the one who takes care of the tooth Relic. Daladawa became the insignia of power.

Rising to the occasion the Mahasangha drew up their agenda for the protection of the Tooth Relic. They had taken the Tooth Relic to Kothmale Mallewa Temple.

From Polonnaruwa to Kothmale was no easy task. Going through the heavy jungle-admist of wild animals crossing rivers-mounting hills was indeed a tiresome strenuous task.

But these obstacles more courageous for them. They reached Kothmale had the Tooth Relic deposited-burried over 20 years Chulawansha and Datuwansha give more details.

Vijayabahu the third who ascended to the thrown (in 1232-1236) making his Kingdom at Dabadeniya sought protection for the sacred tooth at Mullewa Raja Maha Viharaya Mullewa use to be a rural village which has to be reached with great difficulty. However Sri Dalada Relic had to be kept at this temple until the end of the Maga period. King of Dabadeniya Parakrama Bhahu the II crushed the power of Maga and established his Kingdom in the city of Jaffna according Dr Paranavithana.

It was King Vijayabahu III who had taken the Tooth Relic to Dabadeniya. When one travels or meet people interesting episodes about the story of Tooth Relic comes to light.

There is a village called Vijayaba Kanda. This was known as the place where the King on his way to Mullewa Temple spent the night. The name Mullewa has another story. People say a Hapu tree was blossomed with flowers and the smell overflowed the area. Since then this place used to be called Mullewa.

The king plugged flowers to be offered to the sacred Tooth Relic. This place was known to be Muldeniya.

“Niyam Gum Doda” is the first place from where the Dalada Journey started from Mullewa Royal Temple.

Abatalawa village is in close proximity to Mullewa.

‘Rathgama’ is a another village where the king spent a night on his way back to Dabadeniya.

Rambodagama is another village on their journey to Dabadeniya. Folktales state there shot up a ‘Golden sprout’ at this place and thus it was known as Rambodagama.

Athalagala is another temple where Tooth Relic deposited over twenty years for protection. There is a stone inscription. But it has gone so deleated that writings cannot be collected.

One who visits Mullewa Raja Maha Viharaya should not fail to look into more details about Athalagala where the Tooth Relic was deposited underground but carried out usual offerings every day.

This temple has in possession a Copper Bowl given by the palace of Senkadagala. There is the temple one can see Buddhist books such as Visudhimagga and the Jathaka Potha.” This temple possesses all the secret elements a Buddhist Temple should have. There are many other archealogied artefacts, connected with the offerings of the Tooth Relic can be seen.

Buddhist public who want to have their research and detailed information about Tooth Relic should not fail to make a visit to Mullewa Raja Maha Viharaya in Kothmale.

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