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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

President’s Poson message >>> 2009

President’s Poson message

“We are celebrating Poson Poya with much fervour since it laid the foundation for the Buddha Sasana in the island heralding the dawn of a new society and a culture.

Arhath Mahinda Thera’s message of the Dhamma which promoted moral greatness and strengthened the existence of fauna and flora helped the Sri Lankan society to consolidate culturally, economically and politically as well.

We have surmounted challenges thrown at us during the past three decades and we find ourselves today back in the direction chartered by Arhath Mahinda Thera.

The Buddha Dhamma which showed the road to salvation transcends all differences.

It upholds love, compassion and loving kindness. Our State policy is moulded accordingly.

Guided by the Noble Dhamma exhortation, “Be upright and strive with heedfulness, one who practises Dhamma is happy in both worlds”, we may all rally round to herald a new Sri Lanka.”

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