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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Great Image – Lord Buddha

The Great Image – Lord Buddha

Extraordinary unique being, the sage of Sakyan clan
Born on Vesak Full Moon Day, a day filled with élan
2,552 years ago Prince Siddhartha was born
Countless aeons you strove so hard alone

To gain goal the path of deliverance, the destination
Unwavering effort, inimitable powerful determination
With abounding compassion for suffering human ignorance so blind
Epoch making event in annals of history for mankind

The great image, the healer, the peerless physician
Reached pinnacles of wisdom, great lucid vision
Prince Siddhartha’s 35th year significantly clear
Stupendous struggle for six strenuous continuous years

Shattering vicious Mara’s cruel attempts in vain
By own inherent natural powers won amidst heavy pain
Torturing, destroying, killing wasn’t His refrain
He yearned to rid man from woes, His noble only aim

Greatest of all The Buddha, the great serene image
Exalted, enlightened one, we offer our ardent sincere homage
The greatest awakening never fading light of Asia
Prince of peace, Thathagatha, you message of Ahinsa

Great image Sakyamuni by sprinkling loving kindness, unique fragrance
May you bring human virtues gone so wildly blind
May you bring together humans devoid of vengeance and ignorance
Resurrect thoughts abounding universal love simply gone wild.

Kumari Kumarasinghe Tennakoon

---The Nation

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