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Saturday, June 30, 2007

"The Buddhist " TV launched

"The Buddhist " TV launched

*** From Dialog TV blogspot,

TechnoGuy said...

The Buddhist
Yes, the channel is now working. But the sound keeps dissappearing and the test card appears from time to time. But anyway, its there. THey are still testing. It should up and done by tomorrow for Poson.

This channel gives Dialog TV the ability to add whatever religious channel they want with immunity from the government idiots. Becuase if the governemnt tells to stop broadcasting religious channels, they will be in deep shit with the people mainly for deleting the Buddhist channel. And if they tell to remove all religious channels except the Buddhist one, they will still be in shit. So ultimately it is good for Dialog TV.

And many thanks to good old Mr. Canagey. Even though the government caused him to lose his position at CBNsat and sell the company, he still shows that he has forgiven them by gifting this channel to the country.

So let give
THREE CHEERS FOR MR. MUTHUNATHAN CANAGEY! For such respect for other religions and his good heart. HE was also the TRUE father of DTH in Sri Lanka.

I've Extracted this comments from the "".this article gets very highest standard to re-Publish like this regarding to the launch of new channel "BTV" on Dialog TV. --- Priyantha de Silva

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